Rubber Rods

Rubber rods are products that are often used to create a wide variety of other products, meaning that they are manufactured and designed for a very large range of applications and industries. In addition, there are a wide range of rubber materials that are used for these types of rods that all carry unique advantages for certain applications and some materials may even have disadvantages in a certain application or two.

Rubber itself is found in countless applications, both commercial and industrial, including tires, window profiles, children’s toys, hoses, matting, belts, flooring, and a number of others across multiple industries. Rubber rods offer a number of advantages for companies who work with rubber as they can be machined easily, come in a variety of sizes, and can be worked easily with ordinary tools.

The reason that rubber rods are so common and desired in multiple industries is due to the physical properties of the material. Rubber has very unique characteristics and chemical properties as it has a very unique strain-stress behavior that models both the Payne effect and the Mullins effect which deal with how a material reacts when certain forces are applied to it in the form of both stress and strain. On top of that, the overall elasticity of rubber makes it a desirable material to use in a number of applications as is evident by the fact that about twenty five million tons of rubber was produced last year, and that number shows no sign of declining.

Rubber rods are a great way for companies to purchase their rubber if they require longer sections of rubber and do not want or do not need to purchase rubber sheets. Rubber rods are easily machined and can be made to order through the right rubber rod manufacturer, sizes, dimensions and even color are all options to consider when searching for the right rubber rods for your application.

So whatever your application may be, consulting with an experienced rubber rod manufacturer is the best first step to take to receive the right product for you and your application.

Rubber Rods Informational Video